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"hack" shared graphic memory

I have a old computer with a Intergrated Graphic Chipset (GeForce 2) running on a Athlon 2000+ eXtreme Performance (XP). The maximum shared memory in the bios is 32mb, I was wandering if we could "hack" the memory to 64 or even 128?
It would be nice since i have 2GB of ram...
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  1. Is there any reason you want to do this? Increased memory will not be beneficial to that..thing in any way possible. You're better off in buying a $30 PCI card.
  2. Go on eBay or a local shop and you can easily pickup a $20 card that will do the job.
  3. thanx, but i don't really want to buy a GCard, and my question isn't really awnsered, can we hack the bios to increase memory?
    Or like to modify the firmware of the bios and flash it to make availiable 64mb or more memory?
  4. I've never heard of it, and on an ancient motherboard like that you're more likely to break something. Odds are it's possible, but pointless. You will not likely receive any benefits from extra 'shared' memory.
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    You haven't specified which GeForce2 IGP you have. The 32MB limit is set in silicon for the MX, MX 100, and some MX 200. It's 64MB for the some MX 200, MX 400, GTS, Pro, Ti, Ti VX, and Ultra.

    It's not going to matter if you up the limit in BIOS and drivers. You would be reserving (locking up) memory that the IGP is unable to use. It would also prevent the OS from access to that reserved memory.
  6. Thanks, I will try to buy an newer graphic card or even a new computer, because this one is old...
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