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3 monitor eyefinity with 5850

Hey guys,

I was interested in doing the 3 monitor eyefinity and I have a HD 5850. It has one taken DVI output with another DVI, and also an HDMI port and a DisplayPort. How would I get two other monitors to work with these outputs? Obviously I can get one on the DVI, but how would I hook one up to the HDMI or DisplayPort?

Thank you
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    You need one Displayport and another HDMI or DVI. You may use an active displayport adapter (~$40) as well.
  2. I just looked and found that one of the monitors has a VGA output. Would this monitor not work at all? Or is there a way to make it work? Is there a way to convert the VGA to the HDMI port?
  3. VGA to DVI or HDMI adapters are probably $4. Your card should have come with one.
  4. I found the DVI to VGA, but one last question, will the DisplayPort allow 1920X1080? Or would it only be 1920x1200, I saw somewhere that its only 1920x1200
  5. And also, do newer monitors come with more options? For example, do they have DVI or other outputs? I would like to set up my eyefinity soon, without going and dishing out $40 for a DisplayPort adapter when I could connect it right now.
  6. I've never heard of displayport only allowing 1920x1080. You should be fine.
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  8. Considered that you can hook up 2 of the monitors to the DVI ports (or 1 DVI and 1 HDMI) and 1 has to go through the Displayport.

    Connect the VGA monitor to the Displayport using an adapter, it can be passive, so it's cheaper. You can find them for about 20 bucks I think
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