My Dell 1525 Laptop died after a power cut

I was using my laptop from the mains and I had a power cut. The battery does not hold a charge and I hadn't got round to replacing it. Now it wont power up at all. I have changed the PSU and the intrenal power jack board, with no sucess. Has the motherboard failed or could it be the CMOS battery?
Any suggestions welcome!
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  1. I had my M1730 died on me last month after doing routine maintainence, I restarted the computer but I just have a black screen. The keys light up and the HDD light flashes a few time for about 2-3 seconds then goes dark. We have power issues in this house we are renting. and I am wondering if someohow a power spike or valley may have been the culprit. But my battery was in good shape and always have the power packj plugged into a good surge protector. I am back onmy desktop which I am upgrading as soon as the new cpu arrivees so I havent really worried about my XPS being down that much... I'd like to fix it but as long as this desktop holdsout and does everything I need it do do I'm not gonna worry with it.

    If I were to guess I would say motherboard. Dell replaced the motherboard in my xps m1730 machine 2 times within the first year of me having it. It worked fine for about 2 more years before my recent issue... At times though the left palm rerst would get incredibly hot. and other times it would run cool. with no real difference in demeand... I never understood that. It got so hot a couple times it was difficult to keep my hand in one spot witrhout moving it. almost hot enough to burn. Good luck with your machine I know it sucks wehen something like that happens.
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