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My motherboard only offers 1 SATA port, I need at least 2

Hello, I am very new here and this is my first time building a PC on my own. Everything went very smoothly, however the CD Drive I bought requires me using a SATA data cable, however my motherboard only has one slot for a SATA data cable, and it's already occupied by my hard drive.

Here is the motherboard I am using

Is there some sort of extension to the motherboard I can buy to equip it with more SATA ports?

Also, sorry if I picked a weird sub-category, I honestly have no idea what those are ):
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    You have 6 sata 3 ports, they are backwards compatiable w/ sata 2 & use the same cable, you should be all set.

  2. OH gosh, I completely overlooked those. So sorry, thank you so much Jim! All is well now :)!!!
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