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I just built my first system and it has frozen 4 times the the first 24 hours. I am out of town until tomorrow but I was hoping to get a little input from you guys as to what the problem might be. I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge, but I may not be able to supply specifics until tomorrow. Here is the parts list:

AsRock Extreme 3 870 Mobo
AMD Phenom II 955 BE CPU
G. Skill Ripsaw 2x2gb memory
XFX Radeon 6870 BE GPU
OCZ Agility 2 60Gb SSD
Samsung F3 1Tb HDD
Lite-On Optical Drive
Rosewill Challenger Case
Windows 7 64bit

The system has frozen 4 times so far. After I had installed Windows I installed MSE, MalwareBytes, Spybot, Firefox, Speedfan and all my drivers via flash drive. I connected to the internet to update windows. It was searching for updates for what seemed like forever, so I decided to start to install adobe flash player while it searched. Bad idea. the flash player install never opened and my screen froze up. At first I could still move the mouse but after a minute or so the curser froze as well. I had to choice but to restart the machine. Upon restart, it took about ten seconds for the update list to polulate. Everything went smooth from there.

The second freeze was when I tried to play counterstrike:source for the first time. After getting it installed and adjusting my video settings, I tried to populate a list of servers. It loaded about 15 servers and then nothing. I could still move the mouse but could not click on anything or scroll through the list. Again, after about a minute or so the mouse froze up as well.

The third time was also during CSS. I was able to get in and play. I wanted to play a new map so I tried to disconnect from the server I was in and the same thing happened as the last freeze.

The final freeze so far was also during an update. I think I was running another update to install the ones that are recommended but not necessary, and I tried to open another program. This caused the system to freeze much like the first instance.

As you can immagine its pretty frustrating after spending the time and money I have so far. General internet surfing, iTunes, etc. works fine. It was just these few instances where there were issues. I was under the impression that my build would be able to handle these things with ease, but I may just be ignorant. Thank you in advance for any and all insight into the situation.

Edit: Nothing has been OC'd. I have not changed any BIOS settings other than boot settings for windows install. According to Speedfan, I have not seen temps above 60*C. I did not do a complete stress test, as I am looking to get a Hyper212 CPU cooler very soon.
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  1. Hello synkid88;

    How is the SSD setup in BIOS? Did you attach the SSD to the first SATA port?

    I think I would try an OS re-install with just the SSD in the system. Set BIOS to ACHI for the SSD & do a quick format and re-install.
    Then add the HDD back in after the system is up and stable.
  2. There isn't any problem doing a stress test with the stock AMD CPU cooler.
    And gaming happens to be a pretty useful stress test too.

    I think running MemTest 86+ is a good idea.
    And running 3DMark’s Vantage or 3DMark06 benchmark programs as well.
  3. The SSD is in the first SATA port, and appears first in BIOS. After Windows 7 was first installed, the HDD did not show up. I had to do the "create new volume" process with it (im not sure what its actually called). I will run the stress test, memtest, and benchmark it after work and post the results.
  4. Is the SSD set to ACHI or IDE? You won't be able to change this now - just verify the setting.
  5. That I do not know. I will check when I get home.
  6. My SSD is in IDE. I checked and my memory timing and voltage is set correctly in my BIOS. I also ran 3dmark vantage and i guess my graphics drive is not approved by FM. It did tell me a graphics score (18056.79) and a CPU score (11086.16)
  7. Dont worry about the 'not approved' graphics driver. You're just using a newer one FM isnt' familiar with yet.

    3DMark Vantage without a Freeze. Now see if you can get a MemTest86+ run to do the same thing - run without errors. Let it run over night.
  8. MemTest86+ ran for about an hour and a half, 100% no errors. I also played CSS for 2 hours with no issues. Although I have never heard of it, is it possible that I just had to "break it in?"
  9. Any chance a Windows update might have run?
    That could have helped.
  10. Yea I am pretty sure I ran a few more updates after it froze, hopefully I'm good to go now. Thanks again WR2!
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    Good news.
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