Best budget case for i5 2500k & GTX 560 build?

Hey guys just wondering what would be the best case for my new build:

Budget 500-700 (GBP) (Excluding GPU & P&P)

CPU - Core i5 2500k (Retail) 174.18

GPU - Not me that's getting it - GTX 560Ti - going to add another later on.

HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB SATA 6Gbps 7200rpm 16Gb Cache 27.11

SSD - Crucial 64GB RealSSD (SATA3 6Gbps) 89.12

RAM - Corsair Memory Vengeance 4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel DDR3 1600Mhz 42.19

MB - P8P67 Pro (Rev3) 147.20

PSU - Antec True Power New 650W Modular Power Supply 69.56

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit OEM 72.08

Total Cost - 621.44 (Excluding GPU & P&P)

I haven't got much time till there will be changes in prices so which 0-£80 case will hold this system, with the likelihood of adding another gpu in the future?
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  1. The HAF 922 is just about under your budget, and is a popular case known for being very good at cooling, however I think the HAF 912, which is about £20-30 cheaper is a more fully featured and modern case, altho the 922 is bigger. So if you like the way those look, those would be two options.
  2. was hoping for one maybe with a side window?

    if not i'll probably stick with the 912 thanks
  3. The Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced has a windowed version. Had a quick look round and couldn't really see one available except for the original 690.

    Antec Dark Fleet DF-10, DF-30 and DF-35 also have windows, the build quality will be good on them, but lots of people say they are ugly.

    Cubitek Tattoo Fire and Pro have windows, altho you can only get them from OCUK.

    The CM Storm Scout also has a window, but can be a bit restrictive on GPU length, 27cm compared to 29cm for a lot of other cases at this price point. Which I have read a few times on forums has caused people problems.

    The NZXT Tempest Evo has a window, I read a review at Neoseeker which kind of put me off it. But maybe it's up your street.

    You can buy the side panel with window for the Xigmatek Utgard and that is quite a good case as well.
  4. reading reviews - i believe the df's are definitely out of the question.
    I think i'll skip on the cubitek's, cm storm scout, nzxt tempest evo and cm 690 & 690 ii

    i'm definitely putting the xigmatek utgard into consideration

    on scan i see an antec 900 case @ £79 but as you have not mentioned it , you don't think it is appropriate for my build?
  5. I overlooked the Antec 900, mostly because I would have thought it was over £80, but it is a good case with good cooling. So yes I think it would be appropriate.
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    ^ If your a neat freak like me. I'm very OCD about my wiring. The 900 (first gen) would SUCK for cable management.

    Unless your talking about the 902. The 902 is great with little tiny nobs on the edges of each fan for fan control. With a small fan control for the rear fans in the back of the case.
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  8. thanks, i'll be going 14 quid over budget and be going for the 902
  9. I guess that's about $130 to me:

    Looking for all the latest features (USB 3 front ports, swapable storage drive bays, I'd look at:

    Antec DF-35 - $120
    Antec 902 V3 - $110

    Of late I have been building strictly using the HAF's and DF series and I'm at the point where I am hesitating to recommend the HAF 922 as it's are sorely in need of an update. The HAF-X is excellent (out of your price range) but I find the HAF's tool less features a bit flimsy. The "Fleet Swap storage bays on the DF-85 and DF-35 make like a lot easier.. Their cable routing and inlet air filters (remove, clean and replace in 5 seconds are very welcome additions. OTOH, the safety lock on the 5.25" drive bays can be annoying if ya swapping CD's a lot.
  10. But reading reviews the df series have gotten really really bad feedback so i think i'll skip on it.

    the 902 v3 looks awesome and its only £14 out of my price range so , i'll be going for that :)
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