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Can i run a gt9800 ??

my specs
core 2 duo E4700 @2.6
2gb ram
psu has 30A on 12V rail...

will there be any problems if i go for a gt9800 ??
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  1. Good compatibility. 30A is more than enough to run the 9800GT
  2. It will run fine.
  3. 9800GT doesn't even use much power, just a 6-pin and about 20A.
  4. 9800GT is more powerful than the HD5670!
  5. 9800gt most dont need a 6 pin anymore!
  6. 9800gt/8800gt is way to go,hd 5670 offers dx11 but it doesnot have enough juice to make it.
  7. Benchmarks depend on the game, big difference in Crysis,2533-8.html
    At the most common resolution the 9800GT is on average 9 to 15% faster
  8. im buying a new one....
    and thanks u guys for all the replies...really appreciate it :)
  9. hey now you made me think over on which one to buy!!
    please suggest HD5670 or 9800GT ??
  10. Best answer
    Low power PSU energy efficient card will run on 300watt PSU with about 18-20 amps on the +12 volt rail HD5670.
    For 15% more performance 9800GT needs a PSU with 24amps on the +12 volt rail.
  11. and there wont be any bottleneck type deal around my rig right ?
  12. No it should be well matched with your Core2 @2.6GHz
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  14. thanks for all the help...
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