HAF 912 or Xigmatech Ut guard???

I want to buy a PC Case.
Which one is better HAF 912 or Xigmatech Ut guard???
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    The HAF 912 is a really good choice and can fit almost any GPU or CPU cooler.

    This is the first time i've seen/heard of the Xigmatch UT Guard but it does looks like a nice case also.They have lots of expandabilites for fans but they are for odd size'd fans.170mm is not something i've ever heard of.They do allow for x2 140mms on the top but most 140mm fans aren't as good as 120mm's.

    Based on looks I would go for the Xigmatech but for supreme airflow and expandabiltiy I would choose the HAF 912.

    EDIT:Actually looking at the video of the Xigmatek Utgard on newegg that case actually looks like it's the better buy.You have a lot more options for fans and you can completely remove the drive bays so you can have even more cooling.Really up to you,I own the HAF 922 and it's a great case so I can vouch for the HAF 912 on a performance level.It's really up to you,they are very similair.
  2. Hm.....m also interested in HAF 912,it looks good and have 2 200mm fans,and enough space to accamudate the longest GPU and better cable management....
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  4. Guys hurry up........
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