Hi. please review my OC build for 3d and after effects.

hello, newb here :D. last time i built a system was probably at least a decade ago so please forgive my ignorance.

snapshot of newegg cart:



i've been squeezing in research here and there and need to build a system pretty soon. i figured this was the place to bring my initial build.

never oc'd in my life. planning on oc'ing a xeon 5620 on a rampage3 as there was a write up i saw somewhere. xeon because i hope to buy another cpu in the future if prices drop, and when i can afford the SR2 to run a dual quad oc'd and HT'd. then i'll throw a different cpu on the rampage and use that as an oc'd htpc for the parents. not really interested in SB as i need the HT for rendering and want to keep the option of dual cpu's available.

SSD for OS and software, and getting a caviar blue for its high ratings. i'm not a wizz at this kind of stuff, i'm just going by the ratings and reviews, so if i'm making a bad decision, please let me know.

i plan on dualbooting win7 and a hackintosh as my main tools are maya (win) and cinema 4d (mac). found a pretty decent hackintosh write up geared towards what i need it for. and running after effects so i'll need as much ram as i can buy. CUDA isn't really an issue for me as i don't plan on touching premiere, but maybe one day.

my main concerns is cpu fan clearance. the noctua nh d14 is huge and i'm wondering if it will allow me to use all dimms for g.skill ripjaws.

also not sure about cases. was going for an haf932, but a smaller build such as an antec300 would be nice.

dropping a corsair cmpsu tx850w. and only running a single gpu, which i have yet to pick. won't be doing much of any gaming. mostly 3d and after effects. any suggestions on gpu that is 3d and after effects friendly? CUDA may be nice supposing one day i do have to open premiere.

all input and criticism is welcome. i'm trying to stay sub-$2k so mac pros were never an option. i'm hoping to oc the 5620 to 4gigs. this thing will be doing long heavy renders and i've read it can hang at 4ghz with HT pretty well on the rIII formula. but again i'm no expert at this.

if you guys can suggest different builds, or fill in any missing parts, that would really help me. and if anyone here has experience buildling for c4d, maya, or after effects, please help me out.

and will thermal compound help much?
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  1. Hello shuckamuckz;

    No 'open box' motherboards please. They're 'OK' for replacement boards if you have one that fails - they're good for that. But you might not get the items usually found in the accessory pack.

    Read the NewEgg Open box policy very carefully.
    "If you purchase an Open-Box product Newegg guarantees only that you will receive the product itself; accessories MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED with Open-Box products. Newegg will not send you a missing accessory, even if the missing accessory is required in order to properly make use of all the product’s advertised functions."
  2. Intel SSD and WD Caviar Blue is a good SSD/HDD combo.

    CPU cooler clearance can be an issue. Resolve that by getting RAM with the short heatsinks.

    Your dual channel RAM is a mis-match to the triple channel motherboard. Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) RAM $160

    EVGA GTS 450 $130 & $20 rebate should handle all your graphics requirements easily. And you can also downsize this if you want to trim some costs.

    SeaSonic S12II 520 520W 80+ Bronze Power Supply $75 has plenty of power for all you plan and room for upgrading.

    A smaller case is an excellent choice for what have listed. Antec 300 $55 is still nicely sized for big CPU coolers, cools nicely and quietly. Has great room for expansions too.

    I couldn't not find any customer comments that confirmed the Noctua NH-D14 fit in the Antec case. But I did notice some of the coolers even taller than the NH-D14 height of 158mm. It should fit OK.
  3. can i run three dual channel kits in a triple channel configuration? 6x4gb to 24gb?

    it's $30 out of my pocket to RMA back to newegg so i might as well keep the dual channel kit, and buy more as this is what i was planning anyways. it will be cheaper per gb of ram, and i also found one with better cas latency. s

    also some updates to my kit.

    replacing the WD caviar blue with a WD AV-GP 1tb hdd. and PSU will be the XFX core pro 850w. will also get a palit gtx 560 ti 2gb GPU as i plan on running a dual monitor, and possible a triple monitor down the line.

    and if anyone was wondering, i will be doing heavy 3d work and after effects work. possibly some editing later down the line as well.

    what do you guys think?
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