Need help on find best ram for i7 2600k system

Hi,i am looking to the best ram for my system for gaming and over clocking.
PSU- CORSAIR Professional Series AX1200 1200W
Case- HAF X
CPU heatshink- Thermalright Silver Arrow
CPU- i7 2600k
Ram- (need help)
Video Cards- ( still looking for one)
if anyone has any opinions on my system do say and i am still looking at video cards and i am willing to tweak the build if some stuff dont fit and such. also need advise on this
also this is my first time building a comp
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    This is the whole list. Its made especially for Sandy Bridge. I would suggest at least 1600mhz RAM

    Edit: Something like this should be good enough

    If you have a good budget, you should go for a gtx 570 or 580
    If you like ATI cards, you could go for 6950( and flash it to 6970) or crossfire two 6870 cards which also gives high end performance.
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  3. That's easy :) ... simply a specs thing. CAs 6 is better than CAs 7 which is better than CAS 8 and so on

    2 x 2GB set = DDR3-1600 CAS 6

    2 x 4Gb set = DDR3-1600 CAS7

    PSU - How'd ya pick a 1200 watt PSU before picking ya vid cards ?

    $500-ish cards
    single card - GTX 580
    possible SLI/CF in future - GTX 580

    The 580 doesn't really have competition at the top spot

    $350-ish cards
    single card - GTX 570 or 6970
    possible SLI/CF in future - GTX 570

    The 570 and 6970 are as equal as any two cards I have seen from both camps, however when paired, SLI's scaling advantage makes this a narrow win for the 570

    $250-ish cards
    single card - GTX 560 Ti
    possible SLI/CF in future - GTX 560 Ti

    560's overclockabilityy is the key here:

    The performance was good right out of the box with both of these cards and when it came time to overclock them, I was able to hit over 1GHz on the GF114 cores of both cards and well over 1150MHz on the GDDR5 memory. These bumps in performance from overclocking were not just small bumps, but significant jumps in performance, allowing the GTX 560 Ti from NVIDIA and ASUS to wipe the floor with the HD 6870, its direct competitor.

    For the 560's at stock, you'd want the XFX Black edition 750. It matches up well with the HX750 (same 10.0 performance rating @ but is way cheaper than the hx.

    For the 560's overclocked or the 570's, you'd want the XFX Black edition 850 or the Antec CP-850. Both matches up well with the HX850 (same 10.0 performance rating @ jonntguru.comand CP stands alone for quietness ) but both way cheaper than the HX.

    For the 580'S, you'll want 900 - 1000 watts. Lotta options here:

    Antec CP-1000 ($150)
    Antec HCP-1200 ($310)
    Corsair HX1000 ($215)
    Corsair AX1200 ($280)

    Looking at your HAF-X / AX1200 combo at $460....ya gotta look at the DF-85 / CP-1000 combo at $310. The $150 difference will go a long way towards paying for other upgrades. I have built with both and prefer the DF-85. The larger CPX form factor CP series PSU's give Antec an almost unfair advantage as the extra size comes in handy when trying to keep a PSU quiet and cool running.
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