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Hey Guys, Dudes, Nerds, Geeks, Girls, Patrck Stewart Fans (Joking)and Hardware Buffs.

I have a pretty nifty Nvidia 9200m GS video card in my laptop, its a few years old but compared to the GMA 950 in my old netbook its brillaint!

Something (Thanks to Steam) I've been wondering about, can modern day games (GTA IV for example) detect shared memory on top of the dedicated 256mb VRAM my Laptop has?

If so this would allow me to play similar games at higher resoulutions and details :) and would make me look towars getting a RAM upgrade to the holy 4GB for Vista.

(Unlike Yahoo! Answers where someone got the "best answer" reward for telling me to upgrade my RAM anyway, It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me if Games and Applications would detect the shared video memory on top of the original)

System Specs just in case, Intel Core2 Duo T5757 2.0Ghz, Windows Vista 32bit, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 500GB WD External HDD and Nvidia 9200m GS 256mb Dedicated and 1GB Shared running the latest drivers 260. something something :sol:

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  1. You won't run any recent at any midly decent settings on that card, specially GTAIV.
  2. Shared memory takes a huge performance hit compared to dedicated video ram. And even if it didn't, the 9200m is not going to run any modern games at anything resembling nice settings. Shared memory relies on the system bus to move data to and from the GPU. Much slower than memory that's local to the GPU.
  3. Understandably, the 9200m isn't the best graphics chipset out there, but considering what I've used in the past for the past year that being the GMA 950 the 9200m does what I want.

    Im not asking to run GTA IV at spectaculer details (it runs, but not great) and Crysis, (those being the most recent games I own, I play Halo 1 still >:) ) but if I can get "more" out of the card with more system RAM that is something I would consider.
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