CPU and Core Temps.

So I finished my first build yesterday.

And have been monitoring my CPU temps since this morning, both idle and under load. I have the i7-2600k

In the UEFI/BIOS (Asus Z68 Pro is my MoBo btw), my CPU temps are at 45C.
Is that normal?

Also, I have been using CPUID HW to monitor and the core temps idle are around 30C and under load are around 55-60C.
Are those normal temps?
I am using a hyper 212+ btw with one fan.

Another thing I want to ask about is why one of my cores is always about 3-4 degrees hotter then the other 3.

And lastly, I do not see my CPU Temp through the HW Monitor.
And under Temperatures, the CPUTIN temp is just 0 degrees C (32F)
Is there a problem with my MoBo?
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    The activity core(s) will always be running a little hotter compared to the idle core(s).. By activity cores I mean the cores which are actually carrying out the ongoing task.. This is a normal scenario for a multi core CPU when executing programs which do not load all the cores altogether.. Btw, your temps look fine..
  2. Probably no mobo problem; not every monitoring program is compatible with all hardware. It's probably looking for a temperature sensor that doesn't exist.
    What about load temps?
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