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Best for HD editing: Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4Ghz vs. AMD Phenom2 X6

Hi everyone,
I'm Sohan, a 22 year old aspiring filmmaker(final semester in Business Administration) from Bangladesh and I'm planning on getting a pc to edit and finish a 35 minutes live-action(1 min of animation inside) short film in HD 1080p.

I'll be buying it after two weeks(shooting begins another month later, but I have to furnish my After Effects skill and also formulate a proper workflow as right now I'm just working on one/two min sd videos).

I record with a Sony HDR-CX550ve that records videos in 1080p/60-i. So I'll have to de-interlace all the footage as well as do the editing on the pc.

My current budget for a Processor is $330 and I want to spend as less as I can but the processor has to be able to handle the job. I've narrowed it down to two choices:
Intel Core-i7 2600k 3.4 Ghz
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1100T 3.3 Ghz Black Edition

Will the performance vary that much?
Will both of the processors be able to handle 1080p video editing with lots of filters on different clips in the AE project smoothly?
Any suggestions for what mobo I should get? My gfx card options are Nvidia 480,470 or Radeon 6950, 6970(I'll buy only one card, no SLI).

I don't know much about computers, and most hd editing related posts I found were about a year ago so I'm just asking to be sure of my decisions. Thanks for being patient and reading the whole post.
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    No point comparing the i7 2600k to the X6 (doesn't matter which one).. The i7 will beat it in all departments.. And the most fun part is that, you need not purchase a video card while getting the i7 2600k.. It has on die video chipset (need to purchase a H67 or Z68 chipset board to use it) which is plenty good for your purpose.. It offers quick sync too which again is a very handy feature for you to use..
  2. No contest. Core i7.
  3. The i7-2600k simply destroys the X6 in every respect not to mention offering immense value against other probable choices for your line of work (980/990x).

    Also, go with the 6970. A current-gen GPU.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I'll be getting the i7 then. But not the 980/990x since they're out of my budget.
  5. Emperus said:
    No point comparing the i7 2600k to the X6 (doesn't matter which one).. The i7 will beat it in all departments... which again is a very handy feature for you to use..

    Thanks a lot man! One more thing, if I do get a separate gfx card will the quick sync still work or does it only work with the processor integrated graphics card? Also which mobo would you recommend? Between H67/Z68?
  6. Quick sync requires the on die video chip and thus won't work while using the dedicated video card.. However, Z68 offers feature to use the on die video chip along with a dedicated video card via software.. So surely get a Z68 chipset motherboard..
  7. as emprus says the z68 chip offers hybrid. which will let you use on dye gpu and then when you need to step things up you can use the dedicated gfx.. well worth the extra if your gonna need the feature.
  8. With H67 you won't be able to overclock the CPU. With P67 and Z67 you will be able to overclock your CPU and reduce the time you need to do your work. So P67 or Z67 motherboard. If you also buy a nice CPU cooler you should be able to get that i7 at above 4Ghz with ease.

    Also don't buy non K series CPU's if you plan to have the option of overclocking. (just a thought)
  9. Not even a comparison. 2600k.
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  11. Thanks a lot guys, I'll be getting the 2600k with a z68 mobo. Thanks again for helping out.
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