Do I have hardware failure

AMD Phenom II X4 925
PALIT Geforce GTX 460 1024MB GDDR5 SONIC
Coolmaster 212 plus

I have tested my system and have found it to be unstable. It must be the graphics card.
Although, I can't confirm this I think we are having problems with the same Palit cards.
I have had system failures and Blue error screens due to hardware failure.
When watching a movie or playing a game with high graphics or low graphics I notice sound and video corruption. Simultaneously, video slows and skips frames and sound makes a data dial up sound (like dialing up to get on a 56k connection). I can't describe the sound with words. The sound when playing a movie is like a game freezing and repeating. The same thing happens to frames in a movie, they skip and repeat and hang up until a process is released..
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  1. Have you run memtest for at least 5 passes to see if its the memory? It can cause interesting effects. Also what PSU do you have running the whole system? A weak PSU can cause things to behave improperly.
  2. I have run a memtest in dos with x86 memtest cd. Test passed.
    The PSU IS A 1000W Kingwin LZ-1000.
    Everything is currently running on default. System is now running more stable.
    Sound and video feed are better, but there are still brief frame skips and small interuptions such as hangups or Programs not responding.
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