Can you chelp me to connect the d-link 855 router through my sky netgear router

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  1. dan theman01 said:

    [#0005ff]Why would you wish to do this? Are you trying to extend the signal? If what you really want is to replace the Sky Netgear with a better router, forget it - the Netgear is tattoed for Sky only and no other router will work without Poodlefaking it.[/#000ff]
  2. The d-link 855 router goes through the netgear router with the right settings giving a stronger signal for laptops wirelessly and streaming quality for ps3 and x-box , all i am after is the right settings .
    I already understand that skys routers are encrypted to them , but apparantly if you turn off dhcp and upnp settings the netgear will send
    d-link 855 the settings to operate correctly if given the right ip address subnet mask , primary dns and secondry dns etc , which sky have given me incorrectly . Prob on purpose .
  3. Thanks I will try this straight away - again thanks .
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