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Just got done about a week ago with a new build, for my mother in law, and have been having some issues. I can only define my experience level as moderate at best. I have built 6 computers over the last 3 years and have had no problems or bad components. Everyone of these computers have had stand alone PCI Express graphics cards that require power from the PSU. I never connected the computer to the internet prior to taking it over to her house and setting it up for her to use, so updates were minimal. She had called a day later and said she had to turn it off on the power strip because it had went to sleep, and when it awoke (via wireless keyboard) everything started to race and the screen went blank. I have now invested about another 4-5 hours into this project and my inexperience is starting to show. As it would turn out, she had hit the "X" on the keyboard for the Auto-overclocking features built into this particular ASRock motherboard. My first test revealed that, sure enough, when you woke the computer from "sleep" mode (via power button/mouse/keyboard) the fan on the graphics card, case, and CPU would all spin up and not stop - seemed like they were all "racing" as she had described. I had to poweroff the computer from the switch on the power supply and turn it back on, where it would boot to the "windows shut down unsuccesfuly" screen. I suspected RAM may have been the culprit, because a day before windows 7 shut the machine down and indicated there may be an issue with the RAM. I suspected that may have been the result of the failed "automatic" overclocking she had accidentaly set off. Memtest showed tons of errors on the sticks well they were both in, nothing physically changed yet, and I though this to be the error. I checked each stick individiually in each slot, and then both tested fine. Put them both back in and got more errors. Went into the Bios, adjusted the auto features for voltage down to 1.6 (was at 1.79) and memory auto detect to the DDR3/1333 that they in fact are. I forgot to mention, I cleared the BIOS via jumper prior to doing this to get it back to default. The RAM now appears to be good via memtest, but the problem persisted with the machine coming out of "Sleep" mode. Further testing, and BIOS settings, and still no luck. Finally I removed the Radeon 4850 1G from the case and tried again. This time, the computer woke fine from "sleep" mode and the screen re-appeared and all was well. Put the card back in (yes, turning off in between!) and same issue. Awakening it from sleep causes everything to "Race" and you have to turn it off at the rear of the power supply. I am quite sure that all drivers are current, not sure about BIOS. Anyone have any ideas as what could cause the system to start "racing" (all fans, escpecially GPU, full throttle) coming out of sleep mode in WIN7 64 when it doesnt occur without the Graphics card in? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My system is so old that it still runs DDR2, so I can't even swap it in to verify the RAM is in fact not the culprit (as I thought it was, per initial tests, and before adjusting BIOS). My power supply is given power to my 4870 512k via two molex adapters (it is a 550 generic - came with case - job I have had no problems with for the last 3 years). I don't really want to gut my computer to swap the PSU which on paper, while higher in MAX watts, is much crapier than what I THOUGHT was putting into her new build. Here are the specs for the build

The non-critical components, I didnt include... It does include a Logitech cordless Keyboard and Mouse.

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  1. If overclocking is running, TURN IT OFF and see what happens... It was not until a few days ago that ASUS had a UEFI BIOS update on my P8P67 EVO mobo before it allowed me to sleep while doing a high o/c. Only took them a year....
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