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My system specification are Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40 GHz with a RAM of 766MB and aan in-built graphics card of 64MB.I want to know whether my system will support any graphics card or not and if yes which one??
I want a minimum of 512MB card with a pixel and vertex shader version of atleast 2.0 and my system is of 2005.
Please someone answer me soon.My mail is
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  1. Why have you started another thread on the same issue?
  2. That tells us absolutely nothing about the system. What is the make / model of the system? If it's a custom build, what is the make / model of the motherboard? Being it's a low-end pentium 4, most likely it's an AGP based system, and the entire market has moved away from AGP, however, shader model 2.0 is an ancient standard, and most mid-range AGP cards should support it. Even old Radeon 9800's and 6 series Nvidia cards supported it i believe.
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