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Hello, I have a HP dv6t (with specs: Core i5 M460 2.53 , 8GB ram , ATI Radeon Mobility 5650 ) and an ASUS desktop ( Specs: Core i5 3.20 , 8GB ram, HIS Radeon 5750 ).

I play Medieval 2 Total War on both. And actually the Laptop is much faster ( highest res, setting, no lag ) than the Desktop.

I always thought a Desktop equivalent of a Laptop is supposed to be faster. But the game on my desktop runs sluggishly even at Medium setting .

What are your thoughts??
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  1. You may have different settings in the CCC, like AA, AF, vsync and what not which may be making the desktop sluggish. Or something is wrong with your desktop.
  2. cant be quicker your running different settings and driver versions etc

    last time i checked the ATi Mobility 5850/5870 was basically a power efficient 5750/5770 (same or very close match specs etc)
  3. Either you're not sure about the graphical settings or there is something wrong with your desktop.
  4. there's definitely something wrong... you'll have to get a 5850M to match the 5770
  5. Are you using the same resolution and graphics settings in both laptop and desktop?
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    Ah yes, the resolution is almost certainly going to be different.
  7. bystander said:
    Ah yes, the resolution is almost certainly going to be different.

    Ah Yes, I have a 23'' screen with the Desktop , so the maximum res for the laptop and the desktop is very different . I updated the driver on both machines to the latest version . I have maximized the game and graphic card settings on both machines. the Laptop is distinctively smoother than the desktop.

    It could be that the very high rez on the large screen is the down fall for the desktop. I overclocked the HD 5750 abit ( to 800mHz and 1200mhz ) and now it seems to be on par with the laptop.
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