Ati 4870 x16 or 2 4870's in x8 cossfire

alright so i have a low budget and cant upgrade my mobo and get another video card, so im stuck on the decision of whats better one 4870 x2 in x16 or two 4870's in x8 am not sure witch one will have better performance, and can the 4870 x2 run in x8 or will it degrade the performance to much?
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  1. A single HD 4870X2 will be twice as fast as a HD 4870, even if it is in a x8 configuration.
    Two HD 4870s in Crossfire would be the same as a 4870x2, even at x8/x8.
  2. what about a 4870 and a 4870 x2 in crossfire at 8x would the bandwidth for the 4870 x2 be to little or would it be ok.
    btw 1440x900 display
  3. For your resolution PCI-E x8 would not be a bottleneck.
  4. ok thanks
  5. I don't think a 4870 x 2 plus a 4870 would run any better than 2 x 4870. 2 x 8X slots is fine you will loose 1-2% performance compared to 2 x 16X. I have 2 x 4870s and its a great setup even though the cards are dated I can play all my games at 1920x1080 maxed out
  6. Make sure you have good air flow and a good PSU.
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