EVGA fit Fractal R3 case?

I'm building a workstation right now, andI'm in the process of selecting a case. Can i get away with fitting an SR-2 into a Fractal R3, or will i have to go with the XL?


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  1. It won't fit. SR-2 is actually bigger then XL ATX.
  2. AFAIK these are the cases which can accept HPTX form factor motherboards:
    Cubitek HPTX-Tank
    Lian Li PC-P80, Lian Li PC-P80N
    Lian Li PC-Z70
    Lian Li PC-Z80
    Lian Li PC-V2120
    Xigmatek Elysium
  3. So even the Fractal XL wont fit huh?
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