ok heres the question ....

Is it better if your using Intel motherboards to go with Nvidia graphics cards ?

Is it better if your using AMD motherboards to go with ATI ?

The reason I ask this is because AMD makes ATI stuff or they are owned by the same people. So that would mean that they probably are making AMD boards to function better with ATI graphics cards.

Also most i7 1366 boards these days are made for SLI , and have the NVidia logo on the front of the box, not crossfire logo . Making Intel boards better with Nvidia .

is there any truth to this .... give your opinions ...
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  1. Good advertising and Marketing! Go with specs.
  2. Is it better if using an AMD chipset to get an AMD video card?
    Sure but having an nVidia one will see no difference except the fact that AM3 motherboards don't support SLI.

    Is it better if using an Intel chipset to get a nVidia video card?
    No difference.
  3. So amd does not support SLI which means 1 thing, you would definitely want to go with an intel setup if you planning on getting Nvidia .... correct ?
  4. rollaballinc said:
    So amd does not support SLI which means 1 thing, you would definitely want to go with an intel setup if you planning on getting Nvidia .... correct ?

    AMD does support SLI, the AM3 socket by AMD does not. If you're not planning to have an SLI setup then this does not matter.
  5. well, imo ATI GPUs are cheaper and you can switch them out more often

    As for the mobo, get it depending on your CPU (personally I prefer intel)

    Also If you're building a new system, wait until the second gen. intel processor motherboards come out (April), they will be awesome
  6. yes i prefer intel / nvidia because of quality and customer support of ATI/GAYMD is extremely horrible. But the question is will you get better performance if you go with new tech nvidia/intel products and/or newer tech ati/amd products. Simply put is there advantage or disadvantage to going with one or the other ?
  7. You will see no differnece on the motherboards. At the time of lga1366 intel and ati/amd were mad at each other so they do not advertise corssfire. Do not buy cards and boards based on the adds on the box. I perfer ati myself (I have two 6870s in crossfire with a dx58s0 board and I have no problems.
  8. There alot of difference between the performance of Intel 1366 boards to GAYMD boards... 6 ram slots and trichannel ram, for instance, that is not supported by GAYMD. I would have to disagree though ... there has to be some advatanges of using Intel products with Nvidia products and GayMD products with GAYti. We have already established that GayMD processors do not support SLI and that would be a downside right there. So I would assume if you were considering purchasing a Nvidia graphics card you would want it on an Intel setup to be able to upgrade in the future
  9. nope no difference yes amd is worse performance but thats a compromise when you compare the prices and there is really no advantage using either company with either brands
  10. We have already stated there are advantages .... I have just found another. The price factor ... AMD/ATI parts "mainly AMD parts" are much cheaper then Intel. But at the same time you get what you pay for .... and there is also 1 other factor ... Can those Germans be trusted to make a reliable product ?
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