The system stopped the game suddenly

Hi,i have a system,that includes a g41rq mb,2.9 c2 duo cpu,with a 2gb ram ddr2 (Kingston) and a gt250 nvidia graphic card and a windows 7 pro 32 bit and i changed the power supply to 600 watt. The problem is, during playing games such as call of duty or crysis etc... the system kicked me out of the game and i will get a message from windows saying that the game has stopped working windows is collecting more information about the problem,Can you please help and advice what shall i do ,is it the motherboard ,maybe it didn't support the graphic card
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  1. It could be due to faulty RAM.Test RAM first.
  2. I agree with it being the RAM. You should be using more than 2GB.
  3. Download Memtest from memtest86+ from here:

    Memtest FAQ

    If ya can run overnight w/o issue (12-20 passes), try running the CPU, Memory and GPU tests using OCCT. Monitor CPU and GPU temps throughout and examine the voltage graphs for any anomalies.

    With today's RAM prices, would suggest an upgrade to 4 GB.
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