Cheapest LGA 1155 Motherboard with Crossfire and O/C Support

Hi there, i need a new motherboard and i'm not sure what to buy, i'm on a budget and i need the best and cheapest product...
-Preferably Asrock
-Around $100
-Crossfire and overclocking capabilities
-LGA 1155
-Does NOT need to have an integrated GPU

Also it needs to be compatible with an ATI 5770.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance :)
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  1. I'm not sure if it's the cheapest, but this is a good inexpensive board to meet your needs.

    Oh and there are no s1155 boards with integrated video, the integrated video is on the cpu (unless you buy on of the new (P) series Sandy Bridge cpu's.)

    In the event of a graphics card failure, the z68 allows you to use the cpu's integrated graphics. You cannot with a P67.
  2. ^that's the one, for sure, with or without your ASRock limitation. Where did you get that idea, though?
  3. @geekapproved pretty awesome price, cheapest i saw was $170 (Asrock Z68 Extreme4)... And thanks for the info, i didn't know that it came from the CPU, thanks :)

    @kajabla I like ASrock, its just a personal preferance :)
  4. Sorry for the double post, but i have a quick question, is it bad to buy used RAM? The condition is Used - Very Good...
  5. It'll probably work, but I'd buy from someone with some kind of return policy. If it's on Craigslist, get a promise to take back a DOA in writing.
  6. Ram is really cheap though, $35 for 8gb, how much are you saving buying used?
  7. Unless you are buying from a trusted source like a close friend or relitive I would go with the stores because the price of ram is so cheap you can get good quality ram sets from $40 to $50 for 8gb and it's usually free shipping , at least it is from Newegg and Amazon.
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