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Hello, I recently bought some cords so that I could use my desktop monitor as an xbox 360 display and instead of buying the Microsoft VGA HD AV Cable that was almost $40, I skipped it and bought a cheaper hdmi-to-dvi cord. My plan was to connect my monitor with my 360 and use the available vga port to connect to my card. The idea was to press the button on the monitor to switch between 360 and PC at will.

Problem is my card has one dvi port making me resort to converting the other ports to vga so that I could switch between 360 and PC without having to shuffle between who gets to use the dvi port on the monitor.

Between the two available ports display and hdmi, which can I convert to vga and still be able to play pc games on it without have any graphical or other issues. Theres the dispay port-to-vga and the hdmi-to-vga.

And if I do this, is my graphics card going to have a heart attack from the conversions either it being dispay port-to-vga and hdmi-to-vga? Would pc games look considerable worse then they were considering that now its on the vga port instead of dvi I had it on?

My card is the ati radeon hd 5670.

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  1. Not a problem actually since all the connections are digital. I'm confused which port are you trying to connect the 360 to DVI? If so a simple DVI-VGA converter would do the trick for your monitor as DVI-I includes an analog channel just for converters to VGA (those types of cables splits the DVI-I port into one DVI-D and a VGA) I say DVI is the simplest but here I would use the passive DisplayPort-VGA just to save the HDMI ort for future expansion use.
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