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Hi friends , happy new year to everyone I have one of old era pc with agp 8x type slot. I have put geforce 6200 in it, as everyone knows it is very painful even for hd videos so the games are far away thing for it.. it driving win 7 finely but as games started it gives nvidia kernal drive error(stops working) I don't know what this dich is...... tried every drive from oldest to newest... now I want to upgrade gpu please suggest any high performance agp card..... so at least I can enjoy lan play with my dell mx17..... please suggest good card I can't through it, its my first lovely pc....
Its config is:-

p4 presscot
1gb ddr
450whatt psu
160gb hd ide interface
lg dvd rw drive
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  1. An HD4650 is the most I'd put into that. Also, I though only 7XXX/HD4XXX cards and up supported Win7?
  2. thanks for your valuable advice.........
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