Asrock 970 extreme3

Hello all,

if someone could help me, I just redo my pc pc with:

asrock 970 extreme 3
phenom II x4 960t
kingston ddr3 1866 mhz
dd M4 ssd 2.5 "sata crucial
lg sata drive
PSU Corsair cx 430

When I plugged everything together and started, the fans (case and processor) set off, but no bios that appears on the screen, when in doubt I replaced the memory with a 2GB DDR 1333 Silicon Power SP002GBLTU133S02, but always the same, no beep is the ignition, I have a doubt on the motherboard.

If a computer ferru could help me ......... Thanks in advance
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  1. English please
  2. yes everything are pluged all the way, the power connecter are pluged in 24 pins,and the atx connectors pluged in 8pins not connector pci e, The fans started(pocessor and case).I vérifed the plugg in serall times
  3. Remove all of the ram sticks except one and put that one in the first slot closest to the cpu slot and see if it works.
    What video card do you have?
  4. I have graphic card geforce gt 430 2gb ddr3,and there is just one ram stick in the first slot, but it's doesn't works
  5. If you just bought the parts then you might have to call the tech support of the motherboard to see if they can tell if the board is defective and needs to be Rma'd for a new board.
  6. I remove all of the ram sticks,there is nothing in the slot,and there is 3 beeps long continuous..
  7. Try putting the ram stick in the second slot from the cpu socket and see iof that helps.
  8. I tried "clear cmos"to my mobo,she's starting
    thanks for your help
  9. But wait if clear CMOS made it work .. Does not that mean its used? You sure the shop u bought it from is trusted?
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