Smaller led or bigger lcd getting new monitior

Also shopping a new graphics card and tired of smaller old 19 inch lcd for photoshop trying to edit pictures so wanting something larger and no more than 300 bucks as I need a card also as the asus on board windows 7 has it rated at 4.3 so cant be all that good as rest of my numbers fall at over 6 and some at 7.2. I have a large desk but cant push it back that far so 27 might be a little big and 24 probably around the best size for my setup and see some led 21.3 that are 150 at compusa and looking at graphic cards there and can get alot with 1 gig around 50 to 80 bucks that are a little older but dont know if they will meet my needs. I dont really game other than some driving games now and then but would like to have something that can give good graphics but dont need or want to spend over 100 bucks and if can get one that is around 60 would let me spend more on a screen but if the 150 led is better than the 250 lcd that is a little larger then can spend more on the card if I need to. I am a master mechanic as me something on cars and I can help you I have been out of computer stuff a while and just built this new one and down to figureing out graphics and monitor as back when I did before it was easy as only one or two things were in a affordable price range and now 20 cards can fall in what I can spend and trying to read reviews one may be happy and say best they have ever owned and next guy say p.o.s. dont buy so need to rely on those that actually know about them. So if you were buying for your self and had 350 to spend what would you do with getting a screen and graphics card. rest of system is phenom ii x4 955 3.2 4 gig ram win 7 ulitmate 550 watt power supply and asus mobo. by the way have a car question shoot it my I rebuild transmissions and do everything on cars and trucks and if I can help I am all for it just ask.
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  1. I just got a 21.5" Samsung led-lcd monitor for Christmas to replace my old 19" Acer lcd. The color, contrast, and refresh blow away my old one so I am pleased as pudding.

    Having said that, I was out shopping for tv's with my mom yesterday and found that some of the new ccfl tv's looked almost as good as the led ones but were 20% cheaper.
  2. With Monitors, its mostly " bigger the better".. There is hardly much difference between a LED monitor and a LCD monitor except a lower power draw for the LED's.. A 23" display should be perfect for your needs..
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