How can I tell if my CPU is going bad?

Alright I have a Quad Q6600 2.4ghz processor and the rest of my computer is up to date, I have 8gb 1600 Patriot Ram, GTX460, New HDD(Checked it for bad sectors, all is well) and a new motherboard. When I am using my computer it seems to hang or freeze up in normal activity. Like browsing the web for example, it will just go to "Not responding" for 5-15 secs and then go back, it does this a lot, I checked the processor for errors in Prime95 for 8 hours and it passed fine which makes me believe its not it but what could be causing this if everything is new besides it?

Should this be happing? It almost always happens if say I open up the browser and a folder or music player at the same or a second later. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and it idles at 22c and maxes at 39c at 100%. I have CPU-Z but would not know where to check to see if anythings wrong, anything else I can do here? Also I run my games at max with no issue and no freezing which makes this even stranger....
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  1. Try running memtest, it sounds like you could have some bad memory. Alternatively be sure to check for viruses, any number of those things could be interfering with Windows and/or your web browser.
  2. I Just installed new ram, basically everything is new besides the CPU/Case/DVD/Powersupply. It did the same thing with my old ram even when not maxing it out(checked in task manager).

    I checked for viruses and there are none, this started right away again with a new HDD when I just installed Windows 7 again, its 64bit version also.
  3. are you sure your win7 install is clean. if its not legit then that would be my first port of call.
    just because you av doesn't find an infection it doesn't mean its not infected.
    open task manager and check cpu usage. if something is taking up 100 percent cpu then thats the culprit.
    i dont thing you have a bad cpu as the machine would be more likely to bsod, lock up or shut down if that was the problem. same with the ram.
  4. HI well I think first you need to check the temperature of your CPU. There are a few ways to do this. You can do the check by accessing your BIOS when your PC starts (usually by pressing DEL when the computer boots up), and the temperature will usually be listed there. However, this is not always accurate, so its best to double check by downloading a few free tools such as Core Temp . goog luck
  5. i suggest you read the post of the op... he clearly states temps aren't a problem.
  6. Well this is a new hard drive and I just installed windows and all my virus/malware/spyware software and it detects nothing, I doubt I got a virus within a day of barely doing anything, it started when I first started the computer, same thing with my old one, just thought it was ram or something else on my old computer.

    Nothing takes up 100% CPU, it does this even at 30%-50% taken(Which occurs when in opera and say windows media player or VLC listening to music.
  7. Hello,
    I would like to know what is wrong to. Been having the same problem for about 2 months now. Open up the browser and I get not responding sometimes and it locks up for 10 seconds then goes then locks up. Same when I watch movies play games even just open up a folder it just locks up for 10 seconds. Everything is new on my computer about 4 months old. Did a reformat and fresh windows install and it does the same thing right away. Please help me on this problem been trying to fix it for weeks now.

    Oh I would like to add to I have done everything in the last posts and everything is good. I even tryed 2 diff video cards 5 diff harddrives 4 diff dvd drives 2 diff power supplys. And still same problem all the time. When I first got the comp it worked flawlessly then it just started being slow and locking up

    And now when I try and reinstall windows I get errors non stop and it won't install. Now I got a big clump of crap laying on my desk. Someone please help me.
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