Annother "first new build" needing advice !

Hi everybody !

While searching answer to my question concerning my fisrt build, I was most of the time redirected to this website. And since I found mostly all the answer I was looking for here, I thought it would be the place to ask my personnal question here !

I want a computer for gaming that will last me a couple of years obviously (My previous one last about 6 years, now it's time to change).

I have a budget of arround 1500 or so.

Here what it would look like for now

CPU : Intel Core i7-2600K - 334.99$

Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 570 - 339.99$

Motherboard : ASUS Sabertooth X58 - 209.99$

RAM : CORSAIR XMS3 12GB - 158.49$

PowerSupply : CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W - 124.99$

HDD (SSD) : OCZ Vertex Series 120G0 - 195.00$ (Maybe not necessary but an item I always wanted !)

HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1TB - 64,99$

Case : NZXT - 129,99$ (This one is from amazon, as mention by aznshinobi)

HeatSink : COOLER MASTER V6 - 49,99$

Total of : 1608$

I am not perfectly sure yet with the RAM and the powersupply. What would you consider buying ? Less faster RAM ? Just less RAM?

But overall, does this seems a good investment ? Is there something I need to change? Something to add?

Thanks a lot ! (p.s. The prices are in canadian money, all from except for the case)

I have inspired this build a lot from a aznshinobi build proposition.
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  1. MoBo - Can't put a 1155 CPU in a 1366 board. You want this Sabertooth when it's re-released next week.

    PSU - 750 is oversized for a single GFX card, undersized for adding a 2nd one. You'll want a Antec CP-850 (in a DF-85) or a XFX Black Edition 850 for the HAF-X or anything else). Both PSU's are performance / quality equivalents to HX850 (TX is a step down).

    SSD - Vertex 2 120GB it turns out is a bad choice, 90 GB model doesn't have the problem:,2867.html

    Vertex 3 120 GB ($249) is due in 10 days

    RAM - 3 module sets are for 1366 boards. For a hot set of RAM, grab

    Mushkin 2 x 4GB DDR3-1600 CAS 7

    Heatsink - The V6 GT has just been dethroned as the air cooler champion. Here's a test on the latest and greatest:
  2. Sabertooth for LGA 1155 is Sabertooth P67 not X58
  3. When did you want to buy? the motherboard is incompatible. It is an X58. There are only 4 LGA 1155 motherboards listed on Newegg at the moment, and one of them is perpetually sold out. Several more shoud be coming on the market soon as the recall ends, including the Sabertooth version.

    Other than that, look at 8 GB of RAM as a maximum. The powersupply can be scaled back to around 550 watts, unless you plan on a SLI. Also, consider overclocking a 560ti instead of the 570 for a cooler and less powerhungry alternative. Finally, consider a Cooler Master hyper 212 plus cooler for a cheaper and nearly as effective alternative.

    These combined savings should drop you below your pricing limit, without sacrificing noticible quality.
  4. Alright, thanks guys !

    That's exactly why I posted ! Since I am not an hardware expert I get confuse with all the stuff I read online and make stupid error :P !

    I am not planning to buy in the days to come, but rather weeks or even months.

    So the motherboard will be an ASUS Sabertooth P67 as suggested by JackNaylorPE.

    Since I might want a SLI later on, I'll probably take a 850W powersupply.

    As the 2 of you agreed on, I'll invest in a 8Go RAM instead of 12.

    Now for the videocard, overclocking a 560Ti will give me about the same result as a 570? I chose the 570 because of this benchmark : It seemed to be the best quality/price. But it does not take the overclocking aspect.

    Is there any benchmark to compare with an overclocked 560Ti?
    Is the 100$ more for the 570 worth it ? I am not "really" tight on budget so if it's worth it, i'll spend it :P

    Thanks again for the fast and quality answer you give me!

    (and also sorry for my poor english :/)

    **EDIT** Is this motherboard : MSI P67A-GD65 any good ? Would it be a good alternative to the asus Sabertooth P67?
  5. That MSI P67 board currently available is "fair", but not outstanding in this comparison: P67 Motherboard Roundup. It will do everything you could want, however, including SLI.

    The Sabertooth is rock solid and quality components, but does not necessarily have the same features that other enthusist boards have for overclocking. It relatively a bit more expensive.

    Here is an article on an overclocked 560 Ti: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti Review. Not as fast as a 570, but somewhere in between. If money is not a factor, have you considered two 560 Ti cards? You could keep the 750 watt PSU and still have plenty of power.

    Two points to consider, which should have been asked up front: what's the resolution of your monitors, and which games are you playing? If you have a single 1920 X 1080 monitor, either of these single cards is out stripping the requirements of your monitor, and go with the cheaper solution. You can upgrade later when the need arises.
  6. corsair old tx750 is meh get the tx750 V2 instead
  7. Alright guys, thanks a lot ! I think I'll go with that :

    CPU : Intel Core i7-2600K - 334.99$

    Video Card: GIGABYTE GTX 560 Ti

    Motherboard : ASUS SABERTOOTH P67

    RAM : Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB

    PowerSupply : CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W

    HDD (SSD) : Vertex 3 120 GB

    Then I'll have to overclock my videocard and later on, maybe add one if I want to upgrade !

    I will also wait for the vertex 3 to come out.

    Is there anyway to find out when either newegg, or NCIX will receive their P64 motherboard ? (other than checking everyday obviously !) If you guys have any idea !

    Thanks again for all your help !!
  8. Since your time line for purchase could be months:

    1. Await Z68 chipsets, Zambezi AM3+ on platform front
    2. Await HD 6990/GTX 590 on the GPU front
    3. Await the Sandforce SATA 6GB/s SSDs to hit retailers :P
  9. Ok I see...

    Now I have a doubt :P Seems like a lot of new stuff is coming out, that I am not aware of.

    I'll definitly wait for the Sandforce. From what I have read, it'll not cost a lot more, but will be faster.

    As for the GTX 590, some speculate that the price will be around 600 - 700$... any info on that ? Might not be in my price range if its around 700$... :P But i guess the prices will drop after this one is out... right? :P

    Now about the Z68, from what I understand, it will have mostly the same features as the P67 except adding something called the SSD caching. I know there is not a lot of information about this new feature, but if the SSD is used as a cache, you won't need a big SSD drive I gues. Something like 60Go would be more than enough ?

    Correct me if I am wrong, trying to learn the best I can ! :)
  10. Correct and given these new juicy hardware/tech are only 2-3 months away :P
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