FFXIV- error "can not detect direct x device"

The past few MMOs I've played- Warhammer & AION, I'd occassional get the display driver message error & crash occassionally. Now, despite updating drivers, I'm crashing a lot more frequently in Final Fantasy XIV, to the point where its unplayable.

I built my system a couple of years ago, so its beginning to show its age, I'm not sure if upgrading my GPU would help, or if my CPU would be my bottleneck.

Intel C2Duo E8500
4GB DDR2 ram
Sapphire ATI 4870 1GB GPU
ASUS PQ5 Pro mobo
PC Power & Cooling 750 Watt PS
Vista 64 BIt

At one point, I tried to use ATI's CCC to overclock the card, but was not successful. Now the control center shows the clock at 500. I'm not sure if that's part of the problem, or if i damaged my card messing with it a while back.

I've been looking at the 5770, 5850 or the newer 6850. Im not sure if my mobo is combatable with NVDIA cards or not.

Any 'fixes' for my current card, or ways to test it would be appreciated.

If a new GPU would help, I'm not opposed to buying one, i just don't want to overspend for the rest of my system.

Perhaps a new card & a fresh W7 install?

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  1. The display message after crashing often occurs due to overheating. You might try underclocking your card and see if it changes anything. Especially look at the memory clocks.

    You can use Nvidia if you wanted, you just can't SLI two Nvidia cards at the same time.

    Given that people have had similar issues with the 5000 series cards, and I've never seen this issue with the 6850 card. Of the cards you listed, I'd get the 6850. It's just a good card for the price regardless. A gtx460 is also, just be aware you can't SLI.
  2. Thanks for the input- I'm pretty sure I had reset the 4870 to the default settings after it was unstable overclocked, but I will double check.

    I thought it was the opposite problem- I thought I had read about idle clocks dropping too low, causing the device to not be detected- I often crash when I alt+tab to another window while FFXIV is still running in the background.

    At the opposite end, I do sometimes crash during battles, which I would assume are taxing on the GPU - is there a handy tool I can use to monitor the temps while in game to see if they're spiking before crashing?

    Thanks again
  3. Yes, MSI afterburner or GPU-Z.
  4. Ok, so over the weekend, I was able to run GPU-Z. The temps seemed to stay in the low-mid 60s, with the exception of the GPU TEMP MEMIO which hit 73ish.

    I made sure that my card was restored to default settings (750, 900).

    I also set ffxivgame.exe to high priority in task manager (it would not allow me to select realtime w/o crashing).

    Now, I'm getting a different error message- instead of the "Direct X device can not be detected," I'm getting "FFXIV has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution to the problem."

    I'm not sure if its caused by the same thing or not.
  5. So I'm still having issues, now I've DL'd Afterburner to grab some screens. I don't think the temp broke 60 on this crash.

    and another, about the same temp:

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