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Hello,i got a problem with my computer..i try to turn it on but it only turn the cpu light on for just a second...and then turn off again then i press the turn on button then it doesn't light up again then i try turn off the electric and turn it on again then it light up then turn off again..i don't what is the problem..ppliz help me
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  1. Ok, first off, can you be a bit more specific, does any fans turn, any lights (if you have any) go on(besides the power light - like fan lights). Does your motherboard make beep sounds. Does any other components operate then shutdown. Have you had electrical problems in your house, could be over voltage issue. But sounds like you have a bad motherboard
  2. Probably bad power supply.
  3. I agree with the bad power supply assessment. Had the same thing happen to me once. I put in a new power supply and no problems since.
  4. Yeah had same problem awhile back and had to change the power supply,but only after i had checked all connections to mothereboard.try a spare power supply first, if you or a friend have one spare that is.if with spare power supply it does the same then i would suspect motherboard but my gut instinct is the power supply.good luck
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