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i was just wondering if there was a good set of was to reduce the heat levels of your pc on air cooled system ? My room is kinda small and i have an OCed i7 to 4.0 and its like a furnace in here ... any ideas ? I have Coolermaster HAF 932 with 6 case fans and 3 of those are 230mm fans ...My heatsink is a Hydro 50 with coolermaster thermal paste ( the paste that comes with the Hyper N-520) any ideas would be great...
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  1. The only way you can reduce the amount of heat that it produces is to step down the o/c a little. All those fan will do nothing. The only thing they do is remove heat from your computer and dump it in your room =). It has to go somewhere right? What gpu(s) are you running?
  2. single EVGA 460 GTX 786mb ..... But i also try and keep my window open and that helps alot and give the hot air some where to go.... I was thinking about something ... What if you took the same method of cooling a freezer and put that into a PC ? The only thing about that i can already see would be a problem is condensation. But if i am able to find an old freezer, i am going to mod one and test this away from my computer
  3. Do you mean put your pc inside a freezer? Wont work, as the amount of heat output by your pc is greater than what the freezer can handle.

    Or do you mean use the compressed freon design to remove heat via a pipe to a heatsink and cool it that way? This wont work either as the freezer's motor isnt meant to be run continuously like that and will most likely burn out soon.

    If i were you id position your computer some what close to your windows and put a fan next to it to direct the hot air to the window. Or just turn up the AC.
  4. Freezers arent magical heat killing devices, even if you put your system in one it still generates the same amount of heat which the freezer will need to get rid of, but since its cooling system is far from 100% efficient you will end up getting about 20% more heat dumped into the room than you would with just the computer alone. You cannot make energy disappear, merely move it from one place to another.
  5. yeah ... i was just wondering if blowing the cold air would work ... i keep my window open most of the time but i live in florida and when summer gets here its gunna get worse lol
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