775 mobo needs upgraded to PCI.E 2.0

hi everyone
i need some help to find a mobo i want to upgrade to a PCI.E 2.0

i have mobo asus p5p800 just now which is AGP slot with GeForce 7600 GS


I got this

Intel Pentium 4 3.40GHZ processor socket 775
2 X IDE Harddrive 150 gig
GeForce GTS 450 PCI.E 2.0
2 GIG DDR400 RAM x4 sticks (thinking of upgrading if i cant use it)
ATX Power 800watt

any help would be great :)
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  1. It's time to start over with new cpu/board/ram for pci-e 2.0. some of the older boards are way too expensive, as much as a complete upgrade.
  2. o1die is right, you can't upgrade a MB to PCI 2, you have to get a new MB.
  3. Yeah think your right, just had quick look at some cpu and mobo bundles
    i've got buget of £150.00 so should find something thats fairly quick
    thanks for your help and wish me luck lol
  4. ^you will need DDR3 memory too. And if you want to reuse your 2 X IDE Harddrive 150 gig (and possibly an IDE Optical Drive), make sure the motherboard you get also have IDE port. The latest motherboards no longer have this feature so be careful.
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