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Hello! I have a Pentium 4 HT 2.8Ghz and (at the moment) an 8400gs 512 ddr2. I tested this card with 3dmark 06 and, well it doesnt go over 7 fps in the benchmarks. I bought a HD 4650 512 ddr2 and its far better in the 3d mark benchmarks than the 8400gs. Well, the strange thing is this: the 8400gs blows the 4650 in REAL games.... few examples : Counter Strike : 8400gs:200fps constant, 4650: 130-40 fps constant.
FIFA 11: with the 8400gs is playable at low settings, but with the 4650.... like 20-30 fps..
So, for me, this is strange, i dont know what to do...Its the second ATI card that fails me, in the past i had a hd 4670 1gb ddr3 and it was FAR WORSE than this 8400gs, i couldn`t even watch movies. I`m desperate......please help me!!
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  1. Weird the 4650 should blow the Nvidia card right out of the water in terms of performance. Have you tried to run Driver Sweeper from Guru3d and then install the AMD card and run it?
  2. i cleaned install Windows XP PRO sp3 and solved the mayority of the problem... Now it performs well, much better but the cpu is bottlenecking and the ram too. The thing is this: in NFS Undercover i get 40 fps with all turned max/on.... but FIFA 11 is UNPLAYABLE and i want to play this game so much... thanks for the reply!
  3. I would recommend you upgrade to a Core 2 if posssible and add more RAM, the amount usually counts more than the speed of the RAM. Both games list your Pentium 4 as a bare minimum and the Core 2 as the recommended. FIFA 2011 is also a newer game and yes the CPU is bottlnecking the 4650.
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