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DRAM E.O.C.P Problems 990fxa-ud7

Hi running 990fxa-ud7 MOBO with corsair vengence ram had computer running smooth since i built it few months ago used DRAM E.O.C.P function to run RAM at its rated 1600
no problems what so ever

Now hear is my problem i updated BIOS yesterday now i cant get the RAM to run a 1600 computer wont even post. From memory i tweaked something but cannot remember what i also reverted back to my original BIOS but still no luck any help would be very much appreciated

P.S any one useing the F8a BETA BIOS tempted to try it
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  1. Clearing the CMOS the way it tells you to do it in the manual should put everything back to as it was. If it still does not post then you have another problem, try removing and refitting the memory.
  2. thanks for reply but i ment it wont boot with the DRAM E.O.C.P 1600 Profile it boots fine running at 1333
  3. You should always clear the CMOS memory after updating the BIOS, many people forget to do this and have problems after a BIOS update. If it still does not work then you can always go back to the previous BIOS. I doubt the value of overclocking the memory (even though in this case the memory is in spec) as the most you will gain is a couple of percent. Overclocking the processor even by a small amount will swamp any gains given by overclocking the memory, unless that is you are trying to wring every last amount of speed out of your computer.
    Why did you update the BIOS? If an update does not fix a specific problem you are having then don't update the BIOS as there is a small risk of bricking your motherboard.
  4. wanted to update BIOS for a game that would not work otherwise strange i know but it worked.
    Its not that i want to overclock i just want the ram running at its rated speed im almost sure its just some setting i have overlooked in the BIOS i need someone running the same board that has messed around with these DRAM profiles and whether they just set evrything to auto like i though i did when i first built this thing
  5. It sounds like the MOBO isn't identifying the RAM correctly.

    imo I would rollback the bios update, a game isn't worth chopping the balls off the PC for.
    Or try the beta bios you were talking about.
  6. just tried to use BETA BIOS (F8a) still same issue keep geting same mesage (Boot failures accured due to overclocking) Original BIOS Same thing i am convinced now its just some stupid setting i am overlooking i need more then speculation here i need someone who has the same board or at least same BIOS version

    Quick bit about F8a BIOS for anyone interested smooth so far only added feture i can see is the ability to run the 2 true cores as 1 cant find the quick boost function in the BIOS description
  7. I have the same board ( Gigabyte 990FXA UD7) and the same corsiar ram, vengence 16gig kit. I bought the FX-8150 the day it came out, had to upgrade to the f6 bios to even get it to post, just recently updated to the F8a bios to increase support for the FX chip because it has some stability issues, namely in certain games such as Shogun2, get a CPU clock interrupt blue screen on startup everything, the bios fixed that. I also have the same issue with the vengence ram. Now with the F6 bios I was able to get it to run stable at 1600 mhz using the DRAM profiles. After upgrading to the F8a however the profile no longer will run @1600. It seems that even when using the profile it wont adjust the timings, so I think what needs to be done is to just set the timings and frequency manually. I wont have a chance to test on doing this for a few days, but when i do if I get it stable I will post an update.


    When flashing the Bios VIA Qflash, it sets the Cmos back to optimized defaults.
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    Ok I was able to get to it today and have been able to successfully boot with the RAM @1600 mhz.

    Here is what I had to do in the bios:

    Set DRAM E.O.C.P to x1600
    Set Memory clock to X8.00
    Set system voltage to auto

    Then had to go into the DRAM settings and manually set the timings to match the BY SPD column. under the AUTO column they are 1333 mhz settings and for some reason the auto wont change them to the 1600 mhz settings which are listed in the BY SPD column, you have to do it manually
  9. @azedos U R A F..KING legend thats what i did last time ive been racking my brain for weeks

    P.S wich FX prossesor do u have i got 8150
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