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I was wondering what new graphics is about the same as HD4890 1GB
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  1. HD5770 a little less powerful, GTX460SE 1GB little more powerful.
    A good replacement would be HD6850 or any version of GTX460
  2. If you are planning up an upgrade then don't just search a newer card.. Select something which will be twice as powerful for better longevity.. A GTX 570 would be my recommended card to go for..
  3. A 4850 would be the equivelent of a 5770.So i'm guessing a 4890 would be the equivelent of a 6850/6870.I would reccomend going for a 6950 if you have that much money.

    Another option would be to crossfire with another 4890.Those cards are still fast when crossfired and would be equivlent to a 5870.
  4. HD4850 = HD5750
    HD4870 = HD5770
  5. FYI x2 4890's do exceed a single 5850 in many tests.
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