Advice for my new build? Will my 750 watter power this..

Hi! I'd just like to know if my Corsair 750w would power this:

P6T Deluxe
Raid 1 setup
i7-950 with Thermalright Silverarrow
gtx470 SLI
Corsair 8GB 1600 RAM

..and could I expect to overclock my i7? I know the cooler could handle but could my PSU?

Appreciate any advice!
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  1. Oh, I'm also wondering could I swap out any of these components for something in the same price range which would be better/faster/more oc friendly?

    (aside from the PSU)

    For example, I noticed the gtx 560 I could get for around the same price. Would that make much difference?
  2. 560=470 using less power a step up would be a 6970 580 range

    that psu is fine even with overclocking
  3. Thanks! Good to know.
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