How to add a 2nd wireless switch to a home network

I have 2Wire2701HG-B as the gateway to the DSL internet service. It works great upstairs, not so great when I'm downstairs. I have an Airlink101 ar410w wireless router I can add so I have downstairs wireless coverage. What settings need to be on each (2Wire and AirLink101) so that they are friendly and don't interfere with eachother. The network would be Laptop wireless to Airlink101 - ethernet cable to 2Wire - 2Wire to DSLInternet.
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  1. login to the Airlink, disable the DHCP and set the wireless settings to the same as your 2Wire (SSID, Key Phrase). Change the LAN IP to match the one 2Wire IP scheme ending in 254.

    2Wire IP
    Airlink IP

    connect the network cable to the 4 LAN ports. do NOT use the WAN port.
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