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I'm going to be getting a new motherboard in the near future; a MSI P67A-GD65 board is what I'm looking at for the moment (good price and I like MSI boards), but I would also like to make use of an ASUS Q-Connector (the detachable block for hooking up the case's Front Panel Connectors) since I have rather thick fingers and the case the board will be going into is a little smallish (Antec P182).

How can I make sure that the board I want to get is compatible with one of these connectors without simply having to buy an ASUS board?
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  1. q-connector from top left to right 1pled+ empty pled ground ,3 empty slot 5 volts+ speaker 2 ground then speaker ground.bottom row lto ride led + ide led ground 3 empty then power switch + power switch ground 1 empty,reset + reset ground
  2. You can still make the ASUS Q-connector work. All it does is allow you to disconnect the front panel wiring all at once without having to reconnect the wires individually.

    Simply connect the wires according to the wiring diagram used by the new motherboard. If the labeling on the Q-connector causes you confusion then you can take a bit of very fine sandpaper and sand off the labeling. Then use a fine sharpie to relabel the connector according to that used by the new motherboard. Be very careful when you plug the connector in NOT to misalign the connector.
  3. So as long as I attach the front panel wires according to the manual I get with my motherboard, and make sure the q-connector is lined up properly with the pins on the board, it should work?

    What's the worst-case scenario if the connector block is misaligned? Sparks, flame, and Magic Blue Smoke?
  4. Q-connector won't sit on a 10-1 front panel header
  5. Attatch wires to the motherboard before mounting the motherboard in the case.
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