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The storm might have fried my pc

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June 5, 2011 1:24:34 PM


Even if my pc is protected by UPS and outlet protector, the storm managed to fry something...

I was using my pc during storm when something exploded loudly in my PC, and after like 3 seconds it shut down.

I first thought it was a power supply, but then when I connected it to other pc, it worked fine.
So I took my mobo out, checked CPU if its fried, checked ram modules and graphics card and everything seems just fine.
Now when I try to power it on, it does for 3-10 seconds (each time different) and than dies out.

So I guess its either the power supply has something damaged and cant support the watts needed and dies out, or something in mobo is fried...or some component fails to work (gpu or ram).

My power supply is Corsair 750W and mobo is MSI P45 Platinum.

If you guys could help me detect whats the problem, Id be happy. Like if you know what could it be that would generate such behavior.

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June 5, 2011 1:30:05 PM

Ok just did a very fast and cold boot which game me enough time to jump into BIOS. IT shut down after like 10 seconds....
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June 5, 2011 10:35:20 PM

Well if something exploded, then I would check the capacitors as those would be the 1st that comes into my mind of something that could explode. Chances are it is something on the motherboard since that tends to have a decent amount of capacitors.

The PSU should also have a decent amount of capacitors, but if you said it can boot up your other PC, then I suppose it's fine.

The only other thing that would have capacitors would be the video card unless you also have a sound card or other PCI card in your system.
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June 5, 2011 10:45:58 PM

Even though it could be a component, my experience at my job (where I diag this kind of stuff) is that when it turns onn the shuts off its mostly a bad PSU. It could be the CPU overheating but that would mean bad fan, and that shouldn't make a pop noise.

Chck your mobo but another thing to do is smell you PC. Yes smell. When a capacitor dies like that it tend to smell like burning plastic, well something worse but still.

The other thing you can do is hook your PC up right to the wall outlet. If it powers on then it may be your UPS that blew.
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June 5, 2011 11:59:15 PM

I honestly dont think that it actually blew out something of true importance in your PC, but I could be wrong. Electricity never does what you expect it to do when it's not supposed to be where it is.

Just to get through your motherboard, It would have to bypass your outlet protector, then would have to first take out your UPS, then get past your PSU, and then into your motherboard; the first three of which were built in order to not let this type of thing happen. Especially with a quality PSU like that Corsair.

The power on-off behavior sounds typical to a PSU problem. I'd recommend sending it back if you still can, because even if it's a motherboard problem, that means the surge would have had to go through the PSU anyway, weakening it if it didnt completely blow it out. Just my opinion.