This graphics card is a scam, right?

My concerns:

Price is too good to be true.

Some awkward and over praise worthy feedbacks such as "Fast shipping and item was New In Box. Great seller Highly Recomend. A+!!!"

I did a completed listing search for the same model number of the graphics card and came up with a mega suspicious listing - - notice the user name is "seller.johnmargel" instead of "seller.scott"

Both accounts have a similar amount of feedback (52 & 53), and both are 100% positive.

Checking either one of those accounts' "feedback as a buyer" links yet another account - "seller.gameia" - a seller with 353 feedbacks (99.3% positive). WTF! Can an illegitimate seller even acquire so many unique feedbacks?

There are a few transactions between these sellers that involves items worth a few thousand dollars.
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  1. A GTX 460 SE for $125 is not a scam. It's a lesser version of the GTX 460.

    But here's a much better performing card for similar money:

    Asus GTX 460 768MB DirectCU TOP $149.99 - $20 MIR = $129.99
  2. Their is always a hacker somewhere that is able to fake positive feedback no matter where or what.

    But the price is real,you can find 460's for even lower.
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