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9800gt inno3d esave edtion confusion problem

hey guys i just got the inno3d 9800gt e-save edtion replacing my old 9400gt
at the inno3d website they say that the card i have has 256-bit interface 900mhz mem clock 16 rops 1500shaders
well mine doesnt:S:S
looking at gpuz0.5.0
i see 128-bit
602mhz memory
550 mhz core clock
1375mhz shaders
8 rops
is this normal or am i missing something ?
plus they say its in idle mod is it supposed to drop the frequencies if it had idle mod?
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  1. Well the core clock is correct at 550MHZ, the rest is subject to this note at the bottom of their page "1. PCB, components, specification and packing are subjected to change without notice"
    What does it say where you bought the card and on the packaging?
  2. define what "esave edition" actually means?
  3. @rolli59 sorry dude but i still dont get it i mean i still play crysis high and 1280x720 res on a 22inch monitor
    if u please could u explain wut the quote u wrote means?
    thx for ur replies
  4. does this mean i got ripped off ? or is it a driver problem? plus i live in lebanon.
    the shop i got it from is a friend of mines.
  5. It looks to me that you got a changed version of the card from what they post on their website. The quote comes from the bottom of their product page.
    9800GT cards exist with 128bit bandwidth maybe they changed that, they certainly reserve the right to do so.
    About being ripped of depends on what is stated on the packaging, if that is the same specs as on their website with a different product inside then both you and your friend at the store got ripped of.
  6. yea i guess ur right but i still can max out black opsm hot pursuit and play crysis on high-very high with 40fps
    what i thought of it was that in their website they mention idle mod its like when im not gaming the clocks go down to save power and when iam they go up am i right?
  7. Yes that is what idle mode is. The biggest thing about GPU's is if you are happy with the performance regardless of tech specs then there is nothing wrong, you seem to be enjoying yours.
  8. thx a lot for ur time and response
    but i still have one question
    at idle mod when iam at the desktop like i said its 600MHz for the mem
    so when i game it goes up to maybe 700 or so?just to be sure if i got it
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    Usually it is the core clock that you notice changing but theoretically the clocks should bump up under load. According to the specs on their site you should have 900MHz (1800) under load.
  10. thx again man that really helped clear things up.
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