400W enough for ATI 5770?

http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/asus-essentio-cg5275-ar003/4507-3118_7-33964723.html?tag=specs This is my current system. I plan on buying either a 5750 or a 5770 and a new PSU but i'd rather save the cash for something else, can my computer support one of these cards given its current power situation? If not, which card is my next best option under $200?
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  1. It really depends on the PSU. Open the side of the case and look at the PSU. There should be a chart with the brand/model. Tell us that as well as the listed amperage on the +12v rail(s).
    That said if you are willing to spend around $200 you can afford both a GTX 460 768mb and a new PSU;
    That's a lil over before rebate and under after. They average $200 anyway. The PSU is overkill really but it is one of the best brands you can buy and should cover SLI if you ever want to add a second card. The GTX 460 768mb is much faster than the HD5770 and can also overclock a very large amount. The DirectCU card in particular has very effective and quiet cooling.
  2. The psu is a delta electronics gps - 400bb a
    For the 12v rails, it reads on the chart: +12V1/16A +12V2/17A -12V/0.3A
  3. I think that unit actually should be alright for the HD5750 and probably the HD5770, if its listed specs can be believed.
  4. That would be enough. I was running a 5770 on a 350W PSU with less amps and it was fine, just keep an eye on temps.
  5. I had 600 Watts but my system didn't use more then 300 Watts with one 5770 and just a bit over 340 with crossfire.

    You should be ok.
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