Where would this system bottleneck?

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  1. would it be advised to go with liquid cooling for this or no?
  2. and ssd or hard drive?
  3. First off, it wouldn't work with that hard drive. It's using SAS, which is generally a server storage interface.

    Yes, I would recommend a SSD + Hard drive (Samsung F3 1TB) combination. SSD for boot drive, HDD for storage.

    Liquid cooling is very complex, so I would advise you to read up much much much more. It's not as simple as you might think, because if you don't get the right radiators or enough of them, you'll be worse of than if you just air cooled.
    That case seems to small, especially for LCing. Go with like a Corsair 800D, or you could even air cool with the Thermaltake Level 10.
  4. You have a CPU air cooler AND a CPU water cooler.

    How much did that all cost?

    It's a very - VERY - bad price to performance ratio there.
  5. I think we're talking hypothetical here, WR2.
  6. Super scary to think he might not be talking hypothetical.

    It's like someone thumbed through a parts catalog and picked the most expensive part in each category.
  7. haha yeah i'm not buying any of this stuff, in fact wr2, that is basically what i did on newegg. just messing around
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