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Hiya all

I finally decided to upgrade to a new graphics card due to be delivered next week but today my PSU gave up the ghost :( Probably lucky that it gave up today or I'd have been thinking it was a dodgy graphics card!

I really don't know anything about PSUs so I've been looking through the forums/google. I'm slowly working out what I need but thought it would make sense to ask for expert advice from the forum!

My set-up with new graphics card will be:
CPU: Intel i5 - 750
MB: Asus P7P55D
RAM: 2 x 2GB
GPU: HD6850
HD: 2 x 1 TB (not raid if that makes a difference)
2 x DVD drives
PSU: my old one was ATX12V 2.01 (is that a reference to size?)

I'd like to futureproof by getting a PSU that will run a next-gen graphics card and I think that means I also need a 6 pin power adaptor?

I was going to opt for this:

Wondering why it's so much cheaper than say this:

Any advice on a decent, basic PSU pls :)
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  1. Compucase doesnt have good power supplies, and being almost half the price of the Corsair GS600 isnt a good sign. The GS 600 is the much better choice between those two, that Arctic Power unit will probably live 3 years then die suddenly, the corsair should last at least 5 years and it has 2 PCI-E connectors so you wont need adapters for a single card setup.

    Also just discovered that it only has 20A on its 12V rail, i wouldnt run a 6850 on it, i think it would probably kill the unit. 20A is horribly low for a modern unit, consider the GS 600 has 48A available, more than twice as much. There is a reason that Arctic power unit needs adapters for PCI-E connectors, because its unsafe to ship it with them.
  2. Ah thanks, I didn't know about the 20A. My head was hurting just from a quick look through forums so I'd already forgot about the amps and rail thing.

    So the GS600 is a good buy, not overkill for my system?
  3. This is less than a quid more expensive and is what I would prefer to have:
    Corsair 650TXV2 80Plus Bronze £68.78
    Which is better because amongst other things it is more efficient.

    Adata HM 650 80Plus Bronze Modular £70
    This is better because it's modular, which means that you can detach some of the cables if you don't need them.

    You could definitely run your system on a less powerful PSU. A 650W PSU might be a better idea if you want more upgrade options.
    Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520 80Plus Bronze £58
    Or the 550W version of that Adata unit.
  4. Yep, quality of PSUs really matters, and you shouldn't be afraid of paying to get good quality.
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