Burnt out graphics card?

hey guys i have an old dell 8300 which was working fine then a few weeks ago the graphics card (ati 9800 pro xt) appeared to burn out, it gave weird artifacts on the screen and lines and such and would keep resetting etc, i bought a good condition hd 3580 and slotted it in. i knew i would need a power upgrade but wanted to see if it would work on minimal power i.e with no other devices connected etc, the screen booted and it came up etc but i noticed it seemed jerky, im just wondering would my mother board agp slot be burnt out? or would it be the cpu maybe? i noticed that it was on for only a few seconds and was incredibly hot. just trying to work out what needs to be replaced or if all does as it done the job for streaming media and surfing etc.

Cheers guys
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  1. Surfing is not hard on the computer, but streaming video is hard on the CPU as well as the GPU.

    Since a new GPU did not solve the issue, the problem is most likely with the motherboard. CPUs are hard to kill unless it is overclocked severely, accompanied by high voltage settings.
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