Digital Advisor - HD5770 fails

Hey all,

I just ran the digital adviser in media center and it is failing saying that my graphics card or driver does not support content protection. I have an HD5770with the latest drivers.

I have a a wintv hve-2250 dual tv tuner card and an HD5770.....

I am not using a cable box but just the cable.. I use media center through an extender(Xbox 360)--Will I not be able to use this set up for hi def because of this??

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  1. Apparently the TV/Movie companies love to lock their HD content behind DRM supposedly to protect against piracy (think iTunes, and how they're now DRM free) with a technology called HDCP. HDCP provides a secure link between your computer to your monitor so that the producers can rest easy that their content won't get copied midway through. Anyway to qualify you must have a compatible tuner, monitor (or TV) and be using a digital connection (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort) to be compatable. If this doesn't happen then either the HD video gets downgraded to SD (standard definition) or it doesn't work at all. I recommend you download the latest drivers and try again.
  2. Thank you so much for your help but this problem is persisting even after re-installation and updates..
  3. I finally figured this out.. It was actually the driver for the video card and not the tv tuner. I have regularly updated the drivers using the bundled versions from ATI.. This time I installed the latest driver separately and that seemed to work.

    I find it strange that the bundled driver/control panel did not actually update the actual driver. The driver being used was from February 2010 even though the latest driver was listed it was not being used.

    I bet there are many people out there who regularly update their ATI based video cards thinking they are using the latest drivers when they are not..

    Thanks for your reply..


    Guys, I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy now with this. There are a few free hi def channels and now I can get them with my media center pc and it is just awesome. I use my dcx3400 for most tv recording etc but I use my dual tuner, media center pc for news and shows I don't care about hi def... Now I can also use it for any channels that display hi def without the cable box so this is awesome! Thanks..
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