Which of these two cards is better

I built a new computer and took the gcard from my old computer. Since i only took the gcard and psu from the old computer i bought a new gcard and psu for it and im going to give it to my parents.

I'm not as well educated about graphics cards as I am for other parts so I figured I'd ask the community (even though the answer may be painfully obvious) which of these 2 cards is better:

Nvidia EVGA Geforce GTS 450 1gb


Nvidia Palit Geforce GTX 460 768mb
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  1. I'd also like to add that the GTX 460 is in my computer right now and I have had no issues with it and it runs extremely cool unlike some of the reviews ive read say
  2. The GTX 460 768MB is better than the GTS 450, the GTX 460 1GB is slightly better than the 768MB version, and is better than the GTX 465 too.
  3. The GTX 460 is a much faster card.
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