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I'm in need of a new PSU and I've been offered two recently. Let me add that I live in Lebanon, Beirut, so brand varieties are scarce. The two PSUs are:

1) Gigabyte GE-P610A-C2 Superb 720 for $141 USD

2) Vantec ION2+ 600W VAN-600AS for $118 USD.

I'm currently running an Enlight 400W PSU, cuz my CoolerMaster 500W got fried a few months ago.

My system specs are:
- MSI H55-GD65
- Intel i3-540 @ stock speeds (for now)
- 2GB DDR3 1333MHz (will upgrade to 6GB)
- Gecube ATI Radeon 3870 512mb GDDR4 (will upgrade to 58xx or 6xxx)
- WD 500gb + WD 160GB

So which one of the two should I go for? Any feedback appreciated... thanks in advance.
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  1. neither tbh where you buying from we might be able to find something better
  2. Can you get your hands on an Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, Corsair, OCZ?
    What brands CAN you get?
  3. Hmm best provide us with a link from an online retailer where u at so we could better advise
  4. Not sure what planet these people are from.

    Both are decent over 80% eff. with PFC and both are SLI certified.

    Either will work just fine. Actually 600w would be fine for your system even if you upgrade to 6970.

    I would pick the one with the best warranty. Some company's only offer 1yr, avoid these and go with one that has a 3yr, 5yr or now even 7yr warranty.
  5. GIGABYTE Superb Series, Model GE-P610A-C2
    OEM: AcBel Polytech
    Combined +12V rails max. 45 Amps
    Warranty: 1 year
    80 Plus Certified

    Vantec Ion2+ Series, Model VAN-600AS
    OEM: Andyson
    Combined +12V rails max. 36 Amps
    Warranty: 5 years
    80 Plus compliant

    According to Oklahoma Wolf, a reviewer for, AcBel has very good build quality. has also said that Andyson made power supplies have sloppy soldering work.
  6. I'm getting it from a local retailer. Buying online would be too much of a hassle if the item is DOA, plus, shipping to Beirut isn't exactly cheap.

    Just for the info, a Radeon 5770 costs $228 USD, a Radeon 5850 costs $498 USD and a Radeon 6850 goes for $340 USD. So I'm trimming down my costs to allocate more for the VGA, heh.

    Anyway, I'm gonna go for the Gigabyte PSU. Thanks for your feedback guys.

    By the way, the other PSU brands are more or less generic (Point of View, Inwin, Enlight). Other branded PSUs are out of stock (FSP, XFX). They have a boatload of Thermaltake PSUs, but I don't recall ever reading a good review about those.
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