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Upgrading Geforce8800GT (SLI) to DX11 compatible card


I am looking at upgrading my graphics card in the next 1-2 months to a Direct X 11 compatible setup and hoping to reduce the frame rate lag I have on newer games while enabling me to turn up some pretty water/lighting options I am missing out on for playability. System is used primarily for gaming and don't care about HD support for movies.

Current System Info:

Two 512mb Geforce 8800GT cards running in SLI on an MSI P55-GD65 mobo. Native res 1440x900
(PSU 700w, 12gb ddr3/1333, i5-750 processor)
Mobo spec sheet for reference:
I don't overclock. Case is very well vented with multiple fan support (top, front, optional side panel, back case) and runs cool, never had any issue with temp.

Im am looking for options that:

-total under $500, but flexible as long as it is around that range (Shopping in Canada, preferred retailer)
-fully support Direct X 11 capabilities
-offer at least as much total GPU processing power as I currently have
-show good performance/compatibility with the rest of my system

Thanks for any input. =)
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  1. Do you want an SLI recommendation or a single card?
  2. Embra said:
    Do you want an SLI recommendation or a single card?

    The overall upgrade right now is more important to me than whether it is an SLI setup or a single card. (The mobo also supports Crossfire but I only have experience using SLI.) I would prefer SLI due the increased longevity before needing another upgrade but if the recommended card is quite expensive at this time I am willing to consider adding a second card in the future.

    It is my understanding that SLI functions better when the cards are a 'matched' set, if anyone can comment on this point as well with regards to making this upgrade it would be beneficial in my decision.
  3. This GTX 570 is a good deal...
    It is $350 so you SLI later...
    And it is on NewEgg.
  4. From my own personal experience you at the minimum need at the least a GTX 460 or better to see a meaningful upgrade. A GTX 570 will be a major boost and a great investment to your system.
  5. A 6950 unlocked into a 6970 is also a good choice for $300

    Also, I'd upgrade to a full 1080P monitor. There are good choices under $200
  6. ^agree getting the 6950 would be a great choice and the extra 2g comes in handy when you finally upgrade your monitor.

    Heres a review on the 6970/6950 and the GTX570,2818-12.html

    At your resoultion though, even a 460gtx would be overkill.I would say go with the 6950 just because you will eventually upgrade your monitor and as you can see the 6950 does very well at higher resloutions.Maybe even an eyefinity setup one day.
  7. i would go with gtx 460 is way to will do everything fine and if you will upgrade monitor soon you will be able to sli it to get to gtx 580's performance.
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    Many people have different opinions, but considering that you do not overclock, you perhaps would not flash the GPU bios either.So, a GTX 570 would be a huge upgrade for you, if you decide to get a new monitor.If you do not change the monitor, a GTX 460 would suffice.

    Or by the end of this month, you can have a look at the GTX 560 as well.
  9. ^ +1 for the GTX 560. It should be coming out in the next 2 weeks or so and at the very least it should put some pricing pressure on the 6950.
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  11. Thank you for the well thought out suggestions and the links. I think I will wait until the GTX 560 comes out and see how the price points settle. I am leaning towards the GTX 570 at the moment based on the suggestions.

    And lol yes, probably time for a new monitor I have neglected my peripherals in the last upgrade season :(
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